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James D'Arcy Daily

your daily dose of James

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Welcome to jdarcy_daily, the daily community for James D'Arcy!

1. Every post must contain a picture.
This is a pictures community. We share photos as well as fanart like icons or wallpapers. The purpose of the post must be the picture itself, not an off-topic entry "made legal" by tacking on a picture. You may, of course, link to off-topic posts containing images in other journals if you post at least one image to this community.
If your post does not contain a picture of James D'Arcy, it will be deleted. Exceptions would be posts requesting a certain James D'Arcy pic or Admin posts.
If you want to talk about James in general, please do that in jamesdarcy or mrjamesdarcy.

2. No hotlinking.
If you want to post pictures here, upload them on photobucket or imageshack and don't link to other people's webspaces. Bandwidth is expensive and we don't encourage theft.

3. Use LJ-cuts.
We don't want to spam our members' friends pages, therefore we request everyone of you to use lj-cuts if:
- your picture is larger than 100x100 pixels
- your post contains adult material
- your post contains spoilerish pictures.
Please don't forget to label the cuts correctly.

4. Name your sources.
Don't claim pictures to be yours if they aren't. Link to the website you have taken them from or include an e-mail address of the person who took the photos in the post.


Your most devoted moderators are pint_of_boyd and drbillbongo.