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[AU Fanart] Tom Pullings

Which it's not stated that AU is banned, and which it is stated that fanart is permitted! (This is somewhat different from the usual fare, here, in other words.)

I drew this over the course of the past couple days for xidiomaticlogic, after he and I got to talking about modern, AU, university-age versions of the various Aubrey-Maturin characters. Tom ended up heavily involved in theatre and water polo, and I could not help but want to draw pictures of him both as a drama geek and a water rat.

Thar be a large picture (and a kilt as well) beneath the cut, aye.

Yes, he's totally poking fun at Hamlet. ^^;

First M&C or James-related art I've drawn in literally years, and it has to go and be AU. *throws hands up*

Crossposted to a few places (masters_mate, jdarcy_daily, hms_surprise), so I apologise if you get this multiple times on your f-list. ^^; The picture is also available on deviantART and y!Gallery.
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